Hidden talent


Hidden talent

TSO Project Manager Mark Pickles on how the EmployAbility, Let’s Work Together scheme is helping students with learning disabilities into employment.

Case study:

An uncertain future

How much energy will the UK require to keep the lights on and ensure the wheels of business are turning in the future?

An uncertain future


Supply scenarios

There are many questions to be answered regarding the future of UK energy supply. Marcus Stewart unpicks some of the potential issues.

Higher or lower?

Talking points:

How important a role will sustainability play in our future energy mix? Four independent experts take us through the big questions.

Supply scenarios


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The big issues for energy

  • Keeping the lights on

    As we gear up for the first capacity auction in December, how will the Capacity Market work and what is National Grid’s role?

  • Careers advice that counts

    Steve Holliday, National Grid’s Chief Executive Officer, on the ‘Making Education Work’ report.

  • Building a robust network

    Phil Sheppard explains how the UK can make sure that it has the right energy infrastructure in place for the future.

  • Building resilience

    Steve Holliday’s keynote speech on building resiliency, driving growth, and advancing sustainability in a rapidly changing world.

Looking ahead

What to look out for in the coming weeks

  • Thursday 10th July

    Future Energy Scenarios 2014