Staying power


Staying power

As the Observer Ethical Awards celebrates its 10th anniversary, environmental journalist Lucy Siegle talks about the success of the event.

Case study:

Connecting people

As the temperature plummets outside, how does National Grid fit into the broader picture of seasonal supply?

Connecting people


Locating pylons

Ian Grimshaw, Director at planning and design experts TEP Ltd, outlines the considerations that guide when and how T-pylons might be used.

How we manage risk

Talking points:

Having a robust risk management process is a fundamental aspect of how National Grid maintains a reliable supply of electricity across the UK.

Locating pylons


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The big issues for energy

  • Being prepared for winter

    The 2014/15 Winter Outlook gives comprehensive analysis of the supply and demand picture for both electricity and gas ahead of the winter period. The report follows an extensive consultation with stakeholders as across the energy industry.

  • Keeping the lights on

    As we gear up for the first capacity auction in December, how will the Capacity Market work and what is National Grid’s role?

  • Careers advice that counts

    Steve Holliday, National Grid’s Chief Executive Officer, on the ‘Making Education Work’ report.

  • Building a robust network

    Phil Sheppard explains how the UK can make sure that it has the right energy infrastructure in place for the future.

Looking ahead

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