Where DSR is a matter of degree


Where DSR is a matter of degree

The University of East Anglia has discovered the benefits of Demand Side Response (DSR). Martyn Newton explains.

Case study:

A fresh approach

Electric vehicles and heat pumps could play a key role in balancing the future GB electricity system.

A fresh approach


Garbage to gas

David Pickering is the Project Manager on a ground-breaking scheme to take household rubbish and turn it into clean renewable gas.

Staying switched on

Talking points:

Modernising the UK's electricity grid is crucial if the country is to meet its global carbon commitment.

Garbage to gas


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    The challenge of bridging the skills gap so that the UK has a talented pipeline of future engineers has never been greater. National Grid is pioneering a range of initiatives that bring young people and the world of work closer together.

  • The delicate balance

    Charlotte Grant, Technical Project Manager, explains why balancing electrical supply and demand is so important.

  • Being prepared for winter

    The 2014/15 Winter Outlook gives comprehensive analysis of the supply and demand picture for both electricity and gas ahead of the winter period. The report follows an extensive consultation with stakeholders as across the energy industry.

  • Keeping the lights on

    As we gear up for the first capacity auction in December, how will the Capacity Market work and what is National Grid’s role?

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